Late Night, Early Mornings: Food, Fashion, Furniture

It’s 2am in the morning and I find myself looking at food recipes, knowing fully well that I won’t be cooking anything tonight or this morning. A site that I visit leads to another site which then leads me down a rabbit hole. I have contemplated about signing up for a site, but then at last minute deciding against it. No one needs to sign up for one more thing. I have updated my website to include a subscription link and I have looked at the Google analytics of my site. I even edited the about page of my website. I have learned about capsule wardrobe and I have learned about how to determine whether a piece of clothing is quality. I also pinned a piece of furniture that I thought was cool. I had to create a whole new board for it. I plan to come back to the sites later in the morning afternoon when I have a clear mind slept. I started out with three tabs, but as is customary, I have up to 15 tabs open. That’s normal. All in all, nothing productive happened.

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